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Destroy The Distance Review Adam Rabin

Make it last…

Destroy The Distance is a brand new program created for people trying to navigate through a long term relationship (LDR), which as you may know can be very trying at times to say the least!  The program was designed to be a complete system that you can follow to ensure that you keep things going good between you and your long distance sweety and indeed even make things better…

If you’re somebody who is in a situation where you feel like your partner is getting distant emotionally (since they are already distant physically), or you are worried that they might be slipping away for good then this is something you may want to check out. I know first hand how tough it can be to stay up at night wondering if things or going to work out or if my partner is going to be unfaithful while he’s away, so I was eager to review this program for you.

The Destroy The Distance review found below will walk you through the ins and outs of the program…

About the authors Adam Rabin and Michael Fiore

The program was created by Adam Rabin, who prior to this program coming out I was unaware of. I found out about the program in a newsletter I received from Michael Fiore, who is a very well-known relationship expert known for his many “romantic texting” guide which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Anyhow, Adam is a friend of Mike’s and an expert on long distance relationships, so as I understand it Michael encouraged Adam to get this program out to share these long distance relationship success tactics with the world. In the video on Adam’s website he talks about how he himself was in a long distance relationship and some of the struggles that he faced. He ended up marrying his long distance girlfriend, and this program basically explains all the insights that he gleaned about how to make long distance relationships work.

Pros and Cons…


1) Complete A-Z LDR Plan – One of the best things about this program is that it presents you with a step-by-step plan for having a strong, connected, intimate connection with your boyfriend or girlfriend even when you can’t be together physically. I was afraid that this program might just be a lot of “relationship theory”, or rehashed generic relationship advice that is applied to LDRs, but that really isn’t the case at all. Instead, you get everything focuses on the specific topic of LDRs and there is even an “LDR commitment road-map” that you can follow to make sure that your realtionship is headed in the right direction. This is important because I think that many times people get stressed out because they feel unsure where a LDR is heading, and you want to be sure that you aren’t just wasting your time.

2) Calming, Stress Relieving Methods To Help You Feel Secure – One of the biggest problems with dating somebody who lives far away is that you may often find yourself feeling insecure about what they are doing. Of course most of the time you can tell yourself that of course they aren’t cheating on you, but at times you can become overwhelmed by those paranoid thoughts. Hey, it’s human, everybody worries about that stuff! So what was cool is that Adam shows you how to “cheat proof” your LDR so that you can stop worrying about that stuff. You might think “cheat proof” spounds impossible, but i must say that this material in particular is really on target and something that you can apply even if you live in the same time as your boyfriend or girlfriend.

3) Helps you avoid LDR traps – From my own experience I can tell you that most LDRs don’t need to fail. The fact that you live far away, temporarily is not really a problem. The real problem is how you deal with this, and the common LDR traps that the majority of people in long term relationships fall into. One of the best parts of Destroy The Distance is how Adam indentifies these traps for you and shows you how to stay they heck out of them!

4) Michael Fiore’s Long Distance Texting – Mike Fiore’s stuff is pretty rad =) I love his romantic texts and the ones that he has created for this course are really pretty amazing IMHO. He also did an interview on romantic texting that is included in the course. (There are other bonuses too, including one to help you get back with your ex.)


1) All About LDRs – If you are looking for a “general” relationship guide, then this probably is not the right thing because of it’s narrow focus on long distance relationships. Of course it might prove informative for you, but if you live near your man, or woman, then most of this stuff won’t apply much.

Review Wrap-Up:

I’ve been involved in the dating advice community for quite a while now and I read and listen to a great number of these guides. This is really the only thing out there for people in LDRs who want to make it work, and it is also a very well thought out and put together program. I have no qualms whatsoever highly recommending this guide to anyone who is dating somebody who lives elsewhere. Nice job Adam and Mike =) Click below for instant access to Destroy The Distance:

Destroy The Distance


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